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Problem getting control MDW obj in IE

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Hi all, I'm new to Autoit. Need some help on the coding. (Before posting I did sure search through the forum, also google a lot but no result)

I'm trying to automate input on a web using Autoit.

I occur problem when trying to get object from the site. The page structure contain a main page, with an iframe on left side and a MDW (Multiple data window) on the right side. I can get the obj of main page and get the iframe into an obj using IE.au3, but I can't do anything to the MDW part of the side.

I googled and found only 1 result about MDW @.@ (no help, that guy post to ask for help too.)

It seems that IE.au3 currently not support for that kind of object?

That object is called inside main page using this (sorry I have to censore some parts):

<script language='javascript'>mdw.OpenWindow('ShFlt','http://xxx.aspx','ABCDXYZ',null,'');</script>

This MDW object display like an iframe in mainpage, but it can be changed/closed (no change to other part of page). Data inside this MDW can be drag & drop to the iframe on the left...etc

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Sorry, forgot to add:

Checked these function:





So, anyone have any ideas? Greatly appreciate any comments. :)

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