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How to de-select/select program features during installation process

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Hi -

I'm new to AutoIT and scripting in general.

During the installation process of one of my programs I reach a screen where I can choose which program features to install. On that screen, by default, a feature is enabled that I don't want to have enabled. Subsequently I need to install a feature that is disabled by default. Next to each feature is a X button with a drop down. In the drop down options I can choose 1- "This feature will on be installed on local hard drive", 2 - "This feature, and all subfeatures, will be installed on local hard drive", 3 - "This feature will not be available". I just want to automate the options that I know need to be turned on/off.

I've turned on the AutoIT Windows Info to look a Windows and Control properties but I'm not really sure what I'm looking at. :-/

Any help would be great! Thanks.

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Well the Info tool gives you information about window and control handles.

I'm not exactly sure what data type the handles are but my quess is hexadecimal, anyway these handles are unique or should be to each program instance. If you ever were to have the msgbox function output the contents of a variable that references a control handle you get an integer but again this may be different depending upon how you obtain the handle. I would also like to know more about them.

In order to manipulate windows or the controls inside them with the AutoIt3 lang. you normally need to retrieve the handle to that window and store it inside a variable. See

inside the help file which is comprehensive and easily understood by your average person after playing around with the example scripts linked to within that you can open inside the scite text editor. The first parameter is The title of the window to read. See Title special definition. I'm not sure if that link will actually work though but the code above that has syntax highlighting you can click to view the online documentation. Next I would recommend reading up on
. Also look in my sig theres some helpful links there. Write some code then if you have some sort of problem return here and let us know.



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