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Enter information in text boxes that are part of the installation wizard

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Hi -

I'm automating the installation of a program where I need to enter information (IPs, passwords, etc) in pre-exisitng text fields. Which commands am I supposed to be using?

The screen is part of the installation wizard. After the information is entered you click next and the next screen appears and so forth.

Any help would be greatly appreciated!


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Please review your other topic where I have commented. Both your topics are seemingly the same as that inquire how to manipulate, I'm assuming the same installation wizard using the similar methods but I'm not a moderator.



Melba32 is the only nice one anyway, lol. And no that's a joe not jane. lmao

What happen to Valik and what automated detection systems are in place do you just check them all or is it possible aside from reports that you're alerted whenever your name is used?

Maybe I'll put that question in my sig.




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