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ImageSearchArea help !

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The code of ImageSearchArea ( ImageSearch.au3 ) :

_ImageSearchArea($findImage,$resultPosition,$x1,$y1,$right,$bottom,ByRef $x, ByRef $y, $tolerance)

if I want to search an entire area 300x400 of image and the address at the top/left is 510/420 , what is $x1 , $y1 , $right and $bottom ???

Please explain for me . Thanks :)

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$x1 = 510 $y1= 420 $right=810 $bottom=820

that should work

That would be right but give a little bit more space so your imagesearcharea will find it for sure.

Searching for images 300x400 though can take too long time to find them and if ur using the function more that one times will be too laggy

I feel nothing.It feels great.

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