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I used autoit for automatic uninstallation of installshield application.

The problem is that I am unable to close the last GUI screen using autoit.

the last GUI screen asks to click "Finish" to confirm the close of

the successful uninstalled application.

The code below works fine for the first GUI button, but doesn't work for the last GUI.

WinWait("Confirm Uninstall", "Do you want to completely remove the selected appl

ication and all of its components?")

WinActivate("Confirm Uninstall", "Do you want to completely remove the selected

application and all of its components?")

ControlClick("Confirm Uninstall", "OK", "Button1")

WinWait("InstallShield Wizard", "xxxx de-installation is complete")

WinActivate("InstallShield Wizard", "xxxx de-installation is complete")

ControlClick("InstallShield Wizard", "xxxx de-installation is complete", "Button2")

During the installation, the GUI with title "InstallShield Wizard" showed the option of "Cancel" button,

and then finally changed to the button "Finish". I wonder if I need to add a special WinWait() to skip such GUI



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usually for automation of installshield you need to create a setup.iss which is you predetermined respones to the installer saved in a file

But ive never made one for uninstaller so i dont know if its possible as it normally relies on the setup exe

some info here if you havent read already


Maybe use ussf (universal silent switch finder)and run it on the uninstall file to see what switches it may support

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Actually, if it is InstallShield, it should use the MSI switches for silent uninstall. @water1, Look on a machine that has the software, in the registry at HKEY_LOCAL_MACHINESOFTWAREMicrosoftWindowsCurrentVersionUninstall. Find the product you're trying to uninstall, and look at what it says for the value of UninstallString.

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