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Handling Basic Authentication Dialogs - Problems

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Hi, I am new to autoIt world.

I am using selenium in which I need to automate the username and password dialog, I am successfully done for Firefox, but It is not working for Internet Explorer and Chrome.

For trying out small steps I tried this :

$handleUsername = ControlGetHandle("[CLASS:#32770]", "", "[CLASSNN:Edit1]")
ControlSetText("[CLASS:#32770]", "", $handleUsername, "lahusers")

but then for chrome event changing to appropriate class name i.e." Chrome_WidgetWin_1" and proper control name [CLASS:ViewsTextfieldEdit; INSTANCE:2] it is not working.

I also wanted to know how to find out something like: I have this control ID and window class if that is there please activate that window and highlight the control ?

I guess what we can do is use :


if(Not Null ControlGetHandle)


controlfocus(<the control>)

I am not getting how to code it properly. can anyone please help. I would be glad.

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