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Array INI files

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This will display .ini files in the form of an array. UDF, please download file and don't just copy and paste. If you're worried about what the file COULD do, please right click on it after download and go to edit. There is nothing hidden in the file.


Func _ArrayINI (ByRef $File)
   Global $CountFile = 0
   $Information = @CR
   $Header = 0
   $ArrayQuery = ""

   FileOpen ($File, 0)

      $CountFile = $CountFile + 1
      $CountLine = FileReadLine ($File, $CountFile)
   Until @Error = -1

   For $Count1 = 1 To ($CountFile - 1)
      $Read = FileReadLine ($File, $Count1)
      $Information = $Information & $Read & @CR 

   $StripSpace = StringStripWS ($Information, 7)
   $Info = StringSplit ($StripSpace, "=" & @CR)

   For $Count = 0 To UBound ($Info) - 1
   $ArrayQuery = $ArrayQuery & "[" & $Count & "] = " & _
   $Info[$Count] & @CR
   If IsArray ($Info) = 0 Then
      MsgBox (4096, "Error", "Array = Not Valid")
      MsgBox (4096, "", $ArrayQuery)

How to use the UDF:

#Include <_ArrayINI.au3>

$File = "Path\Name.Extention"
_ArrayINI ($File)



Edited by Frozenyam

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