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SysTray Icon of Windows USB Safely Remove

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I'm using Systra_UDF to remove all systray icon of program that i don't want

their icon is showed in tray area, using:

#include <SysTray_UDF.au3>


With Task Manager i have saw the list of process running but i don't know

how is the File.exe that shows the Tray icon "USB Safely Remove" in order to insert

EXE into "_SysTrayIconHide"

_SysTrayIconPids() & _SysTrayIconProcesses don't take effect

to know what is program that shows icon because it doesn't have window title

If i use an external program named "Taskbar Hide", it permits without problem to hide this

USB Tray icon.

Can you suggest me something about, to implement AutoIT string command in my script, without using other programs or Windows-->"Control Panel-Notify Area" and disable that i don't want ??


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My OS is Win7 x64. Using Systray_UDF to show me all tray icon process msgbox advise me less process that really exists. For this reason i don't know how hide USB Safely icon

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