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Let me prefeace this post by admitting that it's been a couple of months years since I last wrote an AutoIt script. Now I need to write a small utility to keep track of my UserIDs and oasswords. I want a standalone package with a light database, a GUI for windows and password protection. I immediately thought "I bet AutoIT can do that", so I came here. being a good, well reasonably good net citizen, I used the search capabilities for SQLite and for GUI. The many hits that I found are from back in 2006 - 2007 timeframe. I did find one script SQLite_GUI.au3 from Ptrex which had been updated by another user (PsaltyDS ?), but that was quite a while ago. Where did the example scripts for SQLite go? Surely people are still developing AutoIT solutions using SQLite, aren't they? Or am I really the dinosaur my teenagers accuse me of being?


P.S. I did find an example called MyActivities.au3 which will compile, but it immediately disappears. I managed to grab the titlebar and look at it for a moment, but as soon as I let go of the mouse button, it disappears. Here's the error:

>"C:\Program Files\AutoIt3\SciTE\..\autoit3.exe" /ErrorStdOut "C:\Users\gpence\Downloads\myactivities\myactivities\MyActivities.au3"
C:\Users\gpence\Downloads\myactivities\myactivities\MyActivities.au3 (862) : ==> Subscript used with non-Array variable.:
$QuoteID=$qvals^ ERROR
>Exit code: 1   Time: 13.553

So where can I find an example to tailor to my needs, or better yet, who's already written a password vault script? :-)

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hello gpence,

I once toyed with this task and I did manage to get a pretty good working script, but then I encountered KeePass, which I found to be a perfect program, so I abandoned my script. I urge you to check it out (http://keepass.info), but I can look for my old script if you wish.

best regards,


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