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Firstly, you can do this instead.

$var1 *= $var2

Secondly, what does $var1 start as?

$var1 = 2
$var2 = 1
$var1 *= $var2

This works fine for me.

*Edit: And what w0uter meant was did you divide by zero? (I guess he should have said #/0, # being any number) Anything divided by zero will give you the result you're getting. (Ooops, see correction#2)

*Correction: Upon testing, I notice that anything divided by zero returns "1.#INF"

I find -1.#IND in the helpfile under ACos, ASin, Log, and Mod.

Are you using any of these functions in your script?

*Correction#2: Er, uh.. nevermind, w0uter is right. 0/0 (zero divided by zero) will return -1.#IND. Anything ELSE divided by zero will return 1.#INF. My bad.

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Also: Did you try my example? Does it work?

*Edit: What w0uter said, but you don't need to give us a 2 page script either. Just post a working example that gives you the error. And by working I mean one that you can copy and paste, add nothing to, and run and it will give you the same error. That way we can test the exact same thing.

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Division by zero:

$armorAm = GUICtrlRead($ArmorAmount) ; assume this is 0


$AttackR = $armorAm * 0.06 ; 0 * .06 = 0

$AttackR2 = 1 + (0.06 * $armorAm) ; 1 + .06 * 0 = 1

$AttackR = $AttackR / $AttackR2 ; $attackR = 0 / 1 = 0

$AttackAvg2 = $AttackR ; AttackAvg2 = 0

$AttackAvg2 = Round($AttackAvg2, 2) ; $AttackAvg2 = 0 (rounded)

$AttackAvg2 = $AttackAvg2 * 100 ; $AttackAvg2 = 0 * 100 = 0

$AttackAvg2 = $AttackAvg / $AttackAvg2 * 10

; $AttackAvg2 = $AttackAvg / 0 * 10 = ($AttackAvg / 0) * 10 !ERROR!

Since someone can (probably) have 0 armor points (if they're walking around naked, and aren't very hairy, I suppose), you will probably need to do an alternate calculation for that instance.

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