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_IECreate attaches to Maxthon browser no matter what param.

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I am running the following code:

$sUrl = "http://www.google.com"
$oIE = _IECreate($sUrl, 0, 0, 0, 0)
_IEPropertySet ($oIE, "menubar", 0)
_IEPropertySet ($oIE, "addressbar", 0)
_IEPropertySet ($oIE, "statusbar", 0)
_IEPropertySet ($oIE, "toolbar", 0)
_IEPropertySet ($oIE, "silent", 0)
_IEPropertySet ($oIE, "resizable", 0)
_IENavigate ($oIE, $sUrl)
_IELoadWait ($oIE)

It works perfectly when there is no Maxthon opened. But, once I open a Maxthon instance, this code opens a new tab in Maxthon and loads google in it.

what's wrong and any solution?

thanks in advance for your reply!

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