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String Split Problem

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I was trying to get source code of a site & split string using a keyword and what i want is text between two of those keyword . Example , site source has some code in which there are exactly two "<somekeyword>" , i want is text between these two , <somekeyword>sometext<somekeyword> , so i want here 'sometext' . Here's my code for it -

;Get Site Source Code
$httpObj = ObjCreate("winhttp.winhttprequest.5.1")
$HTMLSource = $httpObj.Responsetext
;Now split using keyword
$parsed=StringSplit ( $HTMLSource, "<somekeyword>" ,0 )
$script=$parsed[1] ; I think i should get required here but i get rubbish value like tml>
<9059<!DOCTYPE <!DOCTYPE  or something!

But it gives absturd value !

My version is v3 & source code can be as large as 50Kb. Please Help fast :|

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Hi, Blankperson2. How about providing us with the URL, or an example of the page source, so we can see what you're trying to accomplish? Otherwise we're just guessing :)

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@JLogano13 , never mind URL , i replaced that with a normal string instead like "<rubbish>fds<key>i want this text<key>lhglids" and split it via "<key>" and printed 2nd element but still gives rubbish value !

And when i replace "<key>" with a single character , bingo , it works !!!

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I haven't really checked your code deeply, but are you aware of what the parameter of '1' for the StringSplit command does?

That might be your problem, if your keyword is longer than a single character?

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