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AutoIt Update Checker V0.4....


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This Update Checker is simple.Checks the Autoit site for new beta versions.You have the option to download them automatically in the preselected folder either the exe or zip version or both,or download them manually after you have been alerted that there is a new version available (changes tray icon too). You have the option to set the check interval between 1-60 mins...

I'm obliged to give credits to DaleHohm cos i borrowed and modified some of his code from IE.au3 regarding Objects of Internet Explorer....

I need feedback....Lots of it. Especially for the way i use in Update_Check() to check if there is internet access and the way i access links....There must be some other way but i was somewhat hasty cos it is likely that i wont have my PC working till Tuesday....

To DO:

To Exit/Abort while downloading updates. <--Done

To make a check as soon as the program starts and not after the interval given.<--Done

To use Tray Icon Flash for alerting....<--Done

To make it work smoothly even if sets.ini doesnt exist at the first time ran.

Miscellaneous code tweaking.

Bear in mind that you MUST have Sets.ini in the same folder with the exe or script,otherwise it wont work properly.If you already have the latest beta (1.68) then Change the key "downloaded" to "yes" in sets.ini ,otherwise it will notify you that a new update is available...If you want to test the proggie leave it as is....

I hope you make a good use of it!


V1.0 Changelog:

Added a more secure way of detecting state of internet access.

Added a new function:Check Now.

Added a faster way to check the page for new versions.

Fixed some more bugs.

V0.6 Changelog:

Added Exit/Abort Function while downloading.

Added Start_Check() to check when it starts.

Added Tray flash for alerting.

Fixed many bugs....

C ya



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Please tell me the following:

1.Were u coonected to the internet at the time error msg was generated?

2.What is your OS?

3.What kind of internet Connection do u have?

4.Are you using some Beta version of IE 7?

5.Do you have any Firewall installed?You should give it access ,if so.

I use it all the time for 3 days now and didnt have any problem.I'm waiting for your answers to see what is wrong....

Thanks for the feedback.

C ya

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