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Scite customization for python

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As many of us use scite for autoit code, I would like to know if anyone know how to customize it to get code folding with python file ?


#region myfold

#endregion myfold

I use it a lot in my autoit codes, and would really like to have it in python files. I mainly use scite with python also as I know it good.

Win7 pro x64. scripts compiled to x64. - Autoit v3.3.6.1 | Scite 1.79

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Folding is handled by the lexer and according the SciTE documentation, The Python lexer does support folding.

The Full SciTE4AutoIT3 installer does have all lexers and the Properties files included so you need to update properties file with the correct keywords.

Maybe the folks at the SciTE site can help you implement extra keywords to fold on.


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I have Scite version 2.28 and code folding for *.py scripts is available for indented coding. So you could add folding like this

def Region(n):

return 1

if Region("code folding A"):


while b< 50:

print ( b )



#end code folding A

Though it's a bit naff.

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