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Text to Windows Based Form Program (Should I use AutoIt?)

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Hi all,

I wanted to get some suggestions on whether this tool is the right tool to use for my purposes.

Basically I have a whole bunch of data in text format. I can put it in an excel, a word document, or really any format that is needed.

Example: First name, last name, address, etc. But I have about 300+ fields or lines of text that I need to transfer.

Then I have a windows program that is set up almost like Microsoft Access (But it isn't) that has form fields that I want to transfer the text that I have over to.

Is this something that AutoIt can do? Or is there an easier method at achieving this.

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Hi, bgold, welcome to the forum. AutoIt can most certainly do what you need it to (there are, in fact, few times I would ever say AutoIt cannot handle the task). It sounds as though you have a number of options for the text formatting. So I would suggest the following:

  • If you would like to leave the text in a text file format - look in the Helpfile for _FileReadToArray.
  • If you would like to use an Excel spreadsheet - look in the Helpfile for _ExcelReadSheetToArray.
In either instance, once you have your data sorted the way you would like, look into the helpfile under the Control commands (ControlSend, specifically). You can use the AutoIt Window Info tool (AU3Info.exe) in the same directory where you installed AutoIt, to view the application window's properties, and then send the data to the control (field) that suits you. I would suggest taking a long look at these reading points in the helpfile, and trying your hand at writing some code. If you run into any bumps, feel free to post the code here and we will do our best to help :) Edited by JLogan3o13

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