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wheres the ++


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Please look over me being a newb both to autoit and to this type of scripting in general.

I have dug through the help file included with autoit 3 and its a great help file but I can't seem to find any math funtions exept for the binary stuff (and or etc) and random. I am looking for a way to increment a variable (like (var++) in C++)

I'm sure there is a simple way that I have overlooked.

Thanks in advance for any help offered.

Sorry for the cluster .. i just stumbled on to my owne anser while looking into loops in the help file.

Couldn't be more simple $var = $var + 1

whoda thought.

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When you open the helpfile, scroll tru the page it opens on... it explains the variables..

Should be something like:

$var = 0 ; first define the variable

$var = $var + 1 ; then make calculations


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