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Assistance Request for Script

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Hello, this may seem unusual but I have a special request to make and any assistance would be much appreciated. Please read through- this involves a script request.

My father (so-called) has always been a pain in the neck, but lately something in his head apparently snapped and he makes a lot of tasteless remarks, some of them aimed at offending me or my girlfriend, while others are anti-semitic, generally rude, or publicly embarrassing.

I'd like a script that automatically plays files from a select folder on Windows Media Player and keeps WMP at the forefront of his computer so I can forcibly re-educate him when he tries to lend himself to the addiction he has of playing online poker, so he can be reminded of the extent of the atrocities of which he has been speaking.

If there's any way to "hotwire" this script to either start up when his computer boots or when he tries to play poker, that would definitely be ideal, as well as reopening WMP whenever he tries closing it and then re-looping the videos on the list in the script.

I'm not extremely computer literate. I only know a bit about Maya and some art programs, so if anyone can lend me some of their valuable time to help write a scrip to accomplish this task, I would be very, very grateful.

Or, if you have an alternative idea to scripting that I could use more effectively, that would also be great.

Thank you for your time.

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I am sorry you have these issues, but prefer you sort them out in a different way than the proposed solution as this is against our forum rules.


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