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XP Max number of connections


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Need some advice on something I'm working on.

I have a media workstation with around 500 gigs worth of video and DVD footage running of the back of an XP box. Now the max number of connections at anyone time to a XP pro workstation is 10. I was wondering if anyone has knocked up a script or had experience in running something say every 60 mins which checked the number of connections being held [ say by doing a net session ] and then dis-connecting any session say if its being un-used for longer than a set period....

Would appreciate some advice on this either on or off the forum...

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I believe you can simply type the following comman to modify the timeout period in Windows. I forget if <time> is in minutes, seconds or milliseconds. Keep in mind that a timeout that's too short can cause problems for connected users.

net config server /autodisconnect:<time>
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