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I am a noobe when it comes to interacting with a web page as up to this point I have been interacting with windows programs. So I've been playing around and found this website to practice on. I want to create other web submit scripts in the future and will use this as a template.


I have figured out all the inputs, filling in data, selecting the radio buttons and drop down menu and all works fine but, now I cannot figure out how to submit the form. I tried using _ieAction, _IELinkClickByText and _ieFormSubmit and I cannot get either one to work. I am not getting any sytax errors but nothing is happening on the website.

So instead I thought I would seek help from the members of the forum on how to get this last element complete. I am banging my head against the wall on this one.

I hope if this element can be firgured out then I could use this technique on other scripts

Thanks in advance for your assistance.

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