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Using PID/ProcessName to get ControlHandle or Title of Window.

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So, I'm very new to AutoIt and programming overall. I've encountered a problem when I was trying to make a script for automation in a game with other applications helping me with this (for teleportations et.c.)

It requires me to ControlSend/ControlClick several windows at the same time. I can easily get the PID with ProcessExists, but can I use the PID somehow to find out what the ControlHWND is or what the Window Title is? The windowtitle contains coordinates, so it is constantly changing. And as I've understood the controlHWND is different every time I start the application anew? I've been around google quite a bit and I've just been going in circles trying to find a solution. Tried WinList(), tried _ProcessGetName, WinGetHandle(Can't use this since the title changes) and a few more.

Any help is greatly appreciated.

Regards /Lip

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