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HotKey problem


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Alright I've found several other posts with a problem similar to mine but no real answer, or none that work.

My problem is this, I want to set hotkeys to run functions from my script while in a game. The problem is AutoIT seems deaf when this game is running, I've tried changing the Hotkeys to 50 different variations, and nothing starts my program from within the game.

If I Alt-Tab out of the game and hit my hotkey to start it, it works fine, but when the game window is active or full screen no hotkeys will work.

It will work with some other games I've noticed, so my theory is that while this game is active/open all keys are locked out other than windows hotkeys and whatever keys are bound in the games configuration.

Any ideas or work arounds that have been tested in a situation like this?

I was thinking of another idea to basically start the script outside the game, or alt-tab and have the program just loop while watching for capslock. Altho I'm not sure how to check the state of capslock/numlock/scroll lock. Switching/toggeling is easy enough but how do you ask, "Is it on or off?"

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