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Maybe someone can help me on this topic. I want to get only new text from the WinGetText. How can I do this?

It means at the first call of wingettext I get a text. Then later I do again wingettext and this time I only need the new text and not all the text again.

Anyone see a solution?


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If text always appends at end you can keep copy of full previous text in the string (or it's length) and then StringTrimLeft it (pseudocode, I don't know what exactly you need):

$text_prev = ""
While ...
  $text_cur = WinGetText(...)
  $text_new = StringTrimLeft($text_cur, StringLen($text_prev))
  $text_prev = $text_cur
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Additional problem is this:

The text I get is something like a log. It means all the time new text arrive at the end. And I want to get all this text line by line. So I can do this with the code above.

WinGetText take all text, so if you need lines, you have split text by @CR or @LF.

But what if after sometime the begin lines of the text removed? Any solution for this too??

Hm, maybe need to add size check: if current text length is less then previous, you can assume that log was reset, so in this case you need empty $text_prev.

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