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General question about autoit capability

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I am new to AutoIt. I am wrting a script in powershell using selenium. The script logs into a web console using Firefox. The console has few buttons. One a specific button is selected, it generates a pop up window that has 2 buttons "Save File" and "Cancel". If you click the "Save", it will save the file into a local directory.

My script can log into the web console and click on the button. But, I do not know what too use to click on the pop up. The pop up is a standalone, not part of the web console. After you click the "Save", it dissapears.

Someone told me that Autoit can be used. I tried it, took the tutorial. But so far, it seems that it can act on windows or pop ups that it creates. I didn't see anything from the tutorials and examples that indicates I can use Autoit for my purpose.

Any experts to comment, suggest or help ?


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Hi, Wahrana, welcome to the forum. The short answer is yes, AutoIt can interact both with windows/pop-ups it creates and those from third party tools. The slightly longer answer would be - AutoIt can interact with most any window based on the Windows API; you get into difficulty if you are trying to manipulate a Java app, for example.

I would suggest becoming familiar with the AutoIt Window Info Tool (Au3Info.exe in the same directory where you installed AutoIt). Use the tool to see what you can find out about the window you want to interact with, and then take a look in the helpfile under such topics as WinClose and the Control commands (ControlClick, ControlSend, etc.). By all means, if you try something out and it isn't working as you expected, feel free to post the code here and we'll do our best to help :)

Edit: I would also suggest a forum search of the term 'selenium'. I don't use it myself, but know there have been a number of topics regarding working with it.

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