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Checking File-gime - 10 Minutes


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I have a file i want to check. If the file isn't updated for ten minutes i want to restart a specific program. I can check file-time and the time right now, but how do i do to check if the file hasn't been updated for ten minutes?

$t = FileGetTime("C:\Program\FB\nn.log", 2)

If Not @error Then

$yyyymdttmmss = $t[0] & "/" & $t[1] & "/" & $t[2] & "-" & $t[3] & "." & $t[4] & "." & $t[5]

MsgBox(0, "Nn.log last changed", $yyyymdttmmss)


MsgBox(4096,"",@hour & ":" & @min & ":" & @sec)

If @min + 60 > $t[4] Then

MsgBox(0, "@min $t[4] " @min, $t[4])


Thanks for help....

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There will be a _datediff UDF available soon that will be able to calculate it for you.

Func _DateDiff($iType,$sdate,$eDate)

; Description:      Returns the difference between 2 dates, expressed in the type requested

; Parameter(s):  $iType - returns the difference in:

;                            d = days

;                            m = Months

;                            y = Years

;                            w = Weeks

;                            h = Hours

;                            m = Minutes

;                            s = Seconds

;                $sDate    - Input Start date in the format "YYYY/MM/DD[ HH:MM:SS]"

;                $eDate    - Input End date in the format "YYYY/MM/DD[ HH:MM:SS]"

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Is there any way today to check if a file isn't updated for ten minutes?

Then datediff will come some time in the future said JdeB, but i need to have a solution today....


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I have a function that closes a window if it has been up for 10 min, think about this, not acurate as 10 min, but works.

; time test
while 1; change to while winexists("your program or something")
$x=FileGetTime ( "filename.txt" ,0)
;[optional] Flag to indicate which timestamp
;0 = Modified (default)
;1 = Created
;2 = Accessed
sleep(600000); ten minutes
$y=FileGetTime ( "filename.txt" ,0)
if $y=$x then dosomething()

func dosomething()
 tooltip("File changed",0,0)

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