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This is a simple proggie. It shows the temperature in a semi-transparent window in the upper left corner of the screen... It can be moved wherever you like.It has logging function (by right-clicking on the window)so as to check the temperatures after running a game or a benchmark... Unfortunately I cant get it to show in a D3D application cos i have to mess with D3D SDK which is hell and i'm not sure it can be done thru AutoIt...

I have to give credits to gafrost for using his _GuiCreateRoundRect() UDF and givin it some more "professional" looks (I was just kiddin about professional,hehe).

Before you start scholding me about the DllStructCreate() I've used , i want to say that i know that no struct is needed here but it is the first one i've ever used and wanted to show the whole world.... :whistle:

To Do:

1.To fix any bugs cos I havent checked the code! I dont have my 6800 for some days now and im on an MX440 which has no temperature controller...

2.To make a better log file analysis including MAX Temp Value and Mean Temp Value.

I hope you make a good use of it and i'm waiting for feedback and bug reports...

EDIT: Uploaded wrong file and typos.Corrected now...

C ya

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I have made a new version of it with a completely new feature ... I implemented a graph using GuictrlCreateGraphic() showing the Core Temperature(blue) and Ambient Temperature(red) the last 6.5 mins running.Thus log file isnt really needed now. Just Right click on Temperature window and Graph-->Show to access it...The graph windows isnt needed to be showing in order to record the temperature...It works and updtates in the background too...

And again havent really checked it out for the known (at least to me...) reason but i believe it will work smoothly...

V3.0 Changelog:

Enlarged the graph area. Now it can record for

almost ten minutes.

Added the "Export to Excel" Function... It is

quite self-explanatory....

Now the peak temperature can be viewed when mouse

over graph.

V2.36 Changelog:

Added a line in graph which shows the maximum temp

since the program start.You can reset that with the

"Reset Ceiling" command.

Changed the colors of graph.

Changed icon.

V2.35 Changelog:

Miscellaneous code tweaking and fixed some bugs.

V2.34 Changelog:

Added a cross cursor when over graph.

V2.33 Changelog:

Added the ability to use mouse pointer to show

you the temperature on the graph window. Just

click on the graph window and move your mouse

to show you the temperatuire beneath it.

Fixed some bugs about fonts.

V2.31 Changelog:

Updated the temperature window with better fonts

and the ability to change colors depending on

current temperature. So for 1 to 55 will be green,

56 to 70 will be yellow and above 71 will be red.

V2.3 Changelog:

Made a better log file to be more elligible.

V2.2 Changelog

Added some graphical improvements to the graph background.

Added the ability to move the graph window by clicking on the red arrows,

in the top-left corner.

V2.1 Changelog:

Stretched Y axis so as temperatures are more eligible...

V2.0 Changelog:

Added Graph.

Used a good pesticide to eliminate bug infestation.

To Do:

To add the possibility to move the graph window cos now it shows only in center... <--Done!

To make a better log file (still).<--Done!

EDIT: Added GIF background for the source version to run correctly...

C ya

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