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alpha, no all code created, code no optimized

compile: 32bit (compile 64bit no function OK)

OS: only 64bit Win7 and Win8 support (32bit OS = clean source code)

1) view preferred DirectShow splitter (32bit and 64bit), table: kontejner, splitter, ID Splitter

2) view preferred DirectShow filter (32bit and 64bit), table: format, id format, filter, id filter

3) view all DirectShow filter, DMO decoder audio and video filter, table: filtr, filtr id, type

4) modify preferred DirectShow splitter (32bit), all modify preffered no create now

5) log file create (txt): 1) and 2) and 3) and filter merit, filter file and filter support format (input and output)

No support all name for audio and video ID now.

Modify preferred DirectShow splitter (32bit) - GUICtrlCreateCombo ... all DS filter and Generate Still Video = no splitter only

Example: modify preferred DirectShow splitter (32bit):

Create and modify:

Kontejner: .avi Splitter: LAV Splitter Source

and click "Proveď"


Kontejner: .avi Splitter: ---Smazat hodnotu v registru---

and click "Proveď"


Posted Image

Download (version 23.1.2013) au3, ico and example log file:




Download (version 23.1.2013) au3, ico, compiled exe and example log file:


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