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Copy Files from Network to local server and launch cmd

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deploying autoit .exe script via SCCM 2012 to servers then launching the script. Here is the script

FileCopy("\\networkpath\Scripts\ilo\FileCopy\file1.cmd", "C:Program Files\hp\hponcfg\", 0)

FileCopy("\\networkpath\Scripts\ilo\FileCopy\file2.xml", "C:Program Files\hp\hponcfg\", 0)

Run("C:\Program Files\hp\hponcfg\file1.cmd", "C:\Program Files\hp\hponcfg\", @SW_HIDE)


So my problem seems to be that SCCM launches the exe as local system acccount, which doesnt have rights to the network path to copy the files. How can I copy these files as my Admin account in the script?



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Last I knew, your only options in SCCM are Run as logged in user, or Run as System. You could set it to Run as logged in user, then log into each of the boxes. Otherwise, you would have to set the Package to drop the executable somewhere on the box, then in the command line section do a RunAs.

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