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Guest AMB

it may seem a little controversial, but i don't care :whistle:

i tested it with opera 8.01. here ya go:

; ----------------------------------------------------------------------------
; AutoIt Version: 3.1.0
; Author:        Adam <adam.biernacki@gmail.com>
; Script Function:
;   emulates your right hand while browsing TGP galleries using Opera
; How do I use it?
;   simple. open your favourite TGP post, open some galleries in next tabs
;   click on the tab with the 1st TGP gallery and run the script with
;   PAUSE. the script uses standard opera hotkeys to navigate to the next 
;   pic and next tab.
; Comment:
;   It's my first autoit script. it's terribly simple but still i'm proud
;   of it :) it still needs some improvement, consider it as a beta version
; ----------------------------------------------------------------------------

HotKeySet("{PAUSE}", "slideshow")

func slideshow()

$delay = inputbox("Delay?","Delay in ms please. 1000=1000ms=1sec. 7000 and more recommended");
$tytulgalerii = wingettitle("");
while 1
    $tytulgalerii = wingettitle("");
    send ("+x");
    sleep ($delay);
    until $tytulokna=$tytulgalerii;

While 1

have fun.

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