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LimitInputEx UDF

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Hey all,

I have written a program in Web Expressions that I am running in IE 8 and 9 by making the actual HTML file the homepage. IIS isn't used. The HTML file resides on our network and is a 'trusted site' in the browser. If you are wondering why it isn't on our web server it is because an Active X object is causing a GET error (something with IIS 7.x). Also, I really don't want to deal with another department responsible for the webserver when I can make it run as described. Now the problem I have run into is with LimitInputEx. I am using AutoIt to 'run' IE in kiosk mode and passed parameters to the function.

_LimitInputEx(1, "0x5B|0x5C", "0x09|0x73|0x1B")

For some reason the function isn't working. It is returning '1' and I can run the function from another program I have correctly in both IE 8 and 9 and from the same PC. That working program is calling a Google form on the internet and not on our intranet. I am guessing a Custom Level setting in the browser is causing the problem but I am hoping someone here has already solved the issue.


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