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Server monitoring

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I'm thinking about creating a TCP/IP client/server AutoIt application with HTML output for monitoring our servers. I need to monitor service starts/stops, disk space (and run some utilities such as Virtual Replicator Snapshot Manager and HP OpenView Storage Mirroring's command-line client to collect additional information for low disk space issues), possibly watch event logs for reboot events or other critical events, and a few other things. I have not dealt with a large number of monitoring tools, but I like the way SiteScope operates (even though it's missing some vital monitoring abilities, despite its $40,000+ pricetag) and was thinking of emulating its functionality, with the exception that mine's a client/server app instead of just a server. I also plan to use an MS-SQL database server instead of a million INI files like SiteScope.

Has anyone done this before that could share some code with me. I know I can do it from scratch myself, but I'd rather not reinvent the wheel if I don't have to. :dance:

If noone has done this before and would like updates on my code once I get started, let me know. :whistle:

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