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OpenGL UDFs (2.0) for AutoIt - Examples included

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I started writing an OpenGL library and from it have built an entire 3D modelling program. I did upload my Library and some starter examples on my OpenGL thread. I haven't made much progress with it lately due to some time constraints but I'd encourage people to push on with it as it has some great potential. The Irrlicht engine is great but having an OpenGL Library so that autoit can call it directly offers so much more potential. When I get the time I will upload an updated Library and an example of the modelling program I wrote. It is designed to map in areas of a game and I have included A* Pathfinding so that a shortest path can be generated to get between any 2 points specified on the map you draw in 3 dimensions. It can save and load maps in a standard .Obj format too. If people are interested I will try to commit more time to the project again

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