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Copying from excel and pasting it in a web form

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I am trying to copy each cell in a row from excel and paste the data (one cell to a field) in an internet explorer window.

Eg: Copy a cell from excel and put that in yahoo search box

Once this is done, add a loop to paste the next cell data to the next field

I am very new to Autoit and scripting.

Thanking you in advance.

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Did you check included help files (and their source code). Look at directories where AutoIT is installed, in ExamplesHelpFile

They are actually quite informative, although sometimes short. But to the point.

You should study f.ex





Then paste code here in [ autoit ] [ /autoit ] about how far you got.

And.. start with PseudoCode on paper or similar. Structure what you want to do.

I am just a hobby programmer, and nothing great to publish right now.

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Thank you for your help Myicq.....

But this one went over my head...

I will paste what ever I have done...

#include <Excel.au3>

$oExcel = _ExcelBookOpen("F2315.xlsx")


_ExcelReadCell($oExcel, 1, 1)

this ran without any issues....

now I want to write a code to paste the values to a ie window with text boxes....then i want to put a loop to cpy the r1c2 from excel and paste it to next box in webpage...there are 10 text boxes on the page pls give a sample code i wil edit and try..

Thank you.....

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Look at the _IE functions help file. The functions in particular that you'll probably need are _IECreate, _IEGetObjByName (or _IEGetObjById), _IEFormElementSetValue, and possibly _IEFormSubmit.

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