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Force Tray Icon to NOT be Hidden by Windows

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I need my Tray Icon to ALWAYS be displayed, but I do not want to change the windows setting never hide.

In other words, by the clock, most tray icons are hidden and you have to click the arrow to see them.

In Windows XP, I used this to make it always show:

While 1

In windows xp, that worked fine. The TraySetIcon caused the program to appear "active" to windows, so it kept the icon showing all the time.

However, in Windows 7, that code does not work. After about 30 seconds, the icon disappears because windows sees the program as "inactive" and I have to click the arrow to see the icon.

Any ideas? Again, I do NOT want to tell windows to show all icons or to go into the widows settings to always show this icon. I want windows to think this program is active so it shows it for that reason.

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