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help file, Help.... is there a more detailed IE.au3 help file?

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im fairly new to auto it, so forgive me if i ask stupid questions lol but here it goes....

ive dont the tutorials and i generally understand the functionality and the way auto it works and ive created scripts before and im generally stumped about the way the IE.au3 section works.

the specific thing that im having trouble with is when using all the different commands what part of the HTML code do i use?

it just mentions an object/picture/table or somthing like that where one object has a div tag and an ID and a name and a class and so on. i need a more specific explination that tells me $o_Object means you need to enter in a div tag in place of the variable or create a variable that equals a div tag or something like that because debugging is annoying enough without having to second guess why you cant get somthing to work when is says the object isnt recognized.

am i approaching this incorrectly?

where am i missing something?

if there are any autoit guru's out there who can guide me in the right direction, i really would appreciate it and it would go miles with helping me learn this portion better.

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Hi, Hulamac. How about you explain in detail what you're trying to accomplish, and we can try to assist? That is a lot easier than asking someone to explain the entirety of IE scripting to you ;)

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ok so im trying to write a script to login to my website (zencart site if that matters)

click on the first catagory

click on the first item in that catagory

go to a specific website and check stock

return to the window with my site on it and imput the stock qty

then do the same for all the items in the catagory

ive gotten as far as

sign in to my site

sign in to the disty site

click on a specific page in the disty site

but im having trouble making it just see the item and not the item by name or somthing like that, i keep reading through all the different types of scripts but i cant figure out how to make it see the listing as a grid were thers 4 rows across and say 4 rows down i want it to click A1 do some things then blick B1 and so on till it gets to the end of the page and then click next page and then loop that till there isnt anymore pages and then exit loop

what would you suggest i look at to accomplish this as far as commands go?

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