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Tray Menu read values

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hi everyone,

I want to make a dynamic menu. I succesfully create a part of this program that can read a text file that contains descriptions of programs to start, and put values in a Array 2D

After I created a TrayMenu and I'm able to read the values of my Array and put these values in my TrayMenu. So If I have per exemple in my file the values CALC, EXPLORER and PAINT, these values will be automatically in the traymenu.

My problem is that I can't figure how can I read these items values in the traymenu when I click on them, because these values are not static. If I have a static menu, I could use a while loop with as many "case" that I have values...

For this part, I'm not sure how to procede.... perhaps I will need a function call, but how and how can I get the value of item selected in the menu ? If I only could get the text of the item I select and after, search this text in my array it will be great....

the goal is to start the correct executable of the program choosed from traymenu...

thank you for your help!

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Post what you have so far so we can see what direction you are goiing in.


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