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Screen recording/capturing on change


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I have started to automate some GUI tests with AutoIt.

For this I need some tool to record/capture the screen only when there is some change (I just don't wont to have gigabytes of logs after over night test:))

Also need this logs to send to Dev team in case there was some issue.

I have already tried:



However they can't do what I really want.

I was wondering if there is even such tool (free of course)?

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Understand you are wandering toward the land known as "Keylogger" and if you enter that land this thread will be visited by one of our happy go lucky moderators. Usually the moderator will point you to the parchment that exclaims the laws of AutoIt land then wave their mouse and the thread is no longer able to receive knowledge. In some cases the moderator may see fit to banish the visitor to AutoIt land, but usually it never comes to that. In cases where the moderator has to use his skill to smite someone, the offender usually gets put into the public stockade for a while like this person who ran afoul of AutoIt land.

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I see that you are new so welcome to the forum.

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Check out PixelChecksum() as suggested by HeavenlyDemon. I implemented the same kind of thing at work to allow remote monitoring of a phone system. Take an initial checksum and then again at set intervals using a loop and the Sleep() command to see if the screen changes.

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