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Getting the currently selected value from a combobox in an existing program

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Hi there, this is my first post to these forums. I've just started using AutoIt to automate UI testing of an existing software application and am running into a problem reading the currently selected value from a few ComboBoxes on one of the application screens.

The existing application is written in C# using visual studio and I am able to read the source code.

So here's the situation:

I have three ComboBoxes on a screen, and I would like to get the currently selected value in each box.

When I use AutoIt Window Info to get the ControlID Name, I get "button" for all three.

If they each had a distinct ControlID I could use:


to get the text. In fact, if I use "[NAME:button]" in the above command, I get the text on one of the buttons. But I cannot figure out how to get the text from the other two buttons. I have also tried using

"[CLASS:Button; INSTANCE:15]"
as the ControlID in ControlGetText, but that does not work either.

For another function I have used

to successfully get the position of the different comboboxes, but referencing the internal C# object name does not seem to work with ControlGetText.

Thanks for your help!

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