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Script Stops If Don;t FInd Form Element ,Solution?

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Global $oForms = _IEFormGetCollection($ie)
For $oForm In $oForms
If $oForm.action = "https://mobile.twitter.com/session" Then Local $sform = $oForm
Local $oText = _IEFormElementGetObjByName($sform, "username")
if $oText=$_IEStatus_NoMatch Then MsgBox(1,"","hmm")

THis is my Script

It fail to find the element And makes a error

Local $oText = _IEFormElementGetObjByName(^ ERROR

how to make condition to ignore it and continue if it dont find element

i tried

if $oText=$_IEStatus_NoMatch Then MsgBox(1,"","hmm")

and tried other like

if $oText=7 Then MsgBox(1,"","hmm")

But it didn;t worked

Please Help me thanks :)

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Thanks it worked :)

Before i used "If" Condition to check tittle for skiping codes..

Thanks again,i forgot to declare. such a simple mistake

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