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msconfig - replace boot gui with os boot information

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first of all i am new to scripting and just wanted to make an .exe which replaces the standard boot gui with the os information.

i copied the the script from Szhlopp in this thread and just changed the buttons and the tab. it didn't work and i can't figure out how.

what am i doing wrong?

there are no errors on my machine when i run the script and it does nothing when i run the compiled .exe.

here is "my" script:


#include "GuiTab.au3"

WinWait("System Configuration")
$hSysconfig = WinGetHandle("System Configuration")
$hTab = ControlGetHandle($hSysConfig, "", "SysTabControl321")

; Click Boot
_GUICtrlTab_ClickTab($hTab, 1)

; Check No Gui Start
ControlCommand($hSysConfig, "", "Button10", "Check")

; Check Show OS Boot Information
ControlCommand($hSysConfig, "", "Button13", "Check")

; Click Apply
ControlClick($hSysConfig, "", "Button25")

i'd apreciate any help concerning this matter.



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#2 ·  Posted (edited)

Just an example

Opt("WinTitleMatchMode", 2) ; see help

ShellExecute("msconfig.exe", -4) ; Start on the fourth tab = BOOT.INI
$HWnd = WinWait("system")
$hSysconfig = WinGetHandle($HWnd)

; How to move SYSTEM TAB like MsConfig,in the example the second TAB on the right
;~ ControlSend($hSysconfig, "", "[CLASS:SysTabControl32; INSTANCE:1]", "{RIGHT}""{RIGHT}")
; End

ControlCommand($hSysconfig, "", "[CLASS:Button; INSTANCE:6]", "Check", "") ; Check NOGUI Checkbox

Understood? ;)

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