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Project advice please - searching PDFs

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Hello all,

I have only recently installed AutoIt and am seeking confirmation that my plans for my first project are realiseable. My idea is to automate the searching of a PDF document for occasions when I have a list of words that I want to look for.

To add a little more detail...

I have a list or words. I want to find all of these words in the pdf to check the context of their use (this is not an English test, I'm thinking more of technical documents and terms).

I have my PDF reader open showing the document. I have the list of words in Notepad (or more likely, at least initially, pasted into a AutoIt text box). I start the automation. From then I can use my own hot-keys to start a search in the PDF for the first word in my list. I may choose to search again for the same word or I may choose to advance to the next word.

Basically I am cheesed off with repeated ctrl-C Alt-tab ctrl-V Alt-tab and associated mouse text-selection manipulations.

I am expecting AutoIt to send text to the PDF reader's Find function, then get the reader to Find Next or Find Previous, depending on my use of my hotkeys.

I assume the PDF reader will need the focus all the time and that other hotkeys already used by the PDF reader will also work.

Does this all sound practical?

btw I would tend to use PDF-XChange Viewer rather than Acrobat Reader since it has some useful features for me (programmable hotkeys for any 'Tool', it re-opens documents at the same place they were closed, retains search phrases and more)

Comments appreciated.


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