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Default Gateway, need to convert my batch script into AutoIT...

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Hi guys,

Here is my code that I have been using in most of my batch scripts to obtain default gateway and do simple if a equals b do c etc.

for /f "tokens=2 delims=:" %%i in ('"ipconfig | findstr Gateway | findstr 10."') do set GW=%%i
if "%GW%"=="" set SITECODE=BHR

Does anyone have any idea on how to push these two lines into AutoIT? I have seen few topics talking about default gateway and how to get it but most scripts are 15+ lines which doesn't seem right.

I would really appreciate some help.



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if the autoit code works, what difference does it make if it is 15 lines? a couple of milliseconds? not a big deal. Just use the examples you found and code it the AutoIt way. If you like the shortness of your batch way then just use RunDOS

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