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I am trying to capture a simple script. Manage-bde.exe is a command line tool to enable bitlocker.

From a dos prompt I would enter manage-bde.exe -on Z: -pw

This says enable bitlocker on the Z partition and set a password

It thens prompts you to enter a password and confirm - this is why I want to set up an au3.exe script so I can automate it

So with the script editor I'm simply trying to enter Run("manage-bde.exe -on Z: -pw") but not having much success

If I compile the script and run as administrator then I get a dos box up asking for the password. problem is I'm trying to run it properly i.e. inteactively so I can capture the syntax back to prompt for the password and then carry on from there

What am I doing worng?

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If you have 64bit Windows add this:

#include <WinAPIFiles.au3>
Cause of this problem is that:
I use AutoIt to lock my F: drive
Local $rc = _RunDos("manage-bde -lock f:")
Return values:
$rc = 0                        Drive is successfully locked.
$rc = -2147024891     Drive lock fail. Some file is opened.
$rc = -2144272384     Drive is already locked.     
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