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Checkbox-List for Windows Registry Settings (Parse/Merge/Export)

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I hope this is not the wrong board. Otherwise please move to the right one.

I'm searching for some kind of template (not too much tricky stuff) where I can click together some kinds of Windows Registry Settings. I really could need this for my work, as I work with multiple companies.

Some kind of general Checkbox-List with Parsing/Merging Export function.

Input file can be anything (but should be one file)

Should look like this: [_] Description Type V:|__|

just an example:



[_] Disable Windows Update ................Dword | 1 |

[_] Disable Autoactivation ....................Dword | 1 |

[_] Enable Show all Hidden Files .........Dword | 1 |




(Save Changes) (Export to reg)


Check Item = Parse/Merge with other Items (for export)

And yes, indeed if the Value will be Edited the sense could be upsidedown, but this doesn't matter as this would be some internal tool. (And It could be easily edited within the XML/TXT/Source afterwards if the more common value gets changed over time/experience)

The information/database in some kind of TXT or XML or something which will be loaded while start.

I'm pretty sure there is some kind of similar template out there as I think I found some kind of OEM / RunOnce Tool already some years ago. I searched with many buzzwords but didn't find something (not over-blown) which fits my needs.

I'm not asking for a Solution (if there is one, great... and will donate something!) but I'm not that much familiar with AutoIt and i think there are some scripts that fit kind of my request.

I'm preparing to script something similar in Batch but this won't be that much comfortable as this would/could be.

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