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Using Autoit on MMC Snap-Ins


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Hi guys.

I have been playing with this cool program today. It rocks!

However I have ran into a slight hurdle that even my googling has been fruitless.

Basically what I want to do is configure MMC snap-ins to connect to a remote computer.

For some of these, like event viewer, you can do it using with simply running "compmgmt.msc /computer=<server>"

However for ones like WINS, DHCP no such luck :(

So what I want to do is use Autoit to send keystrokes to configure this for me.

So for example here is one I quickly knocked up

WinWaitActive("Share and Storage Management")

So basically I want to send Shift F10 to the snap-in and then select Connect to another computer, change the radio button, enter computer name then hit OK.

But no matter what I have tried thus far I cannot get it to even send the Shift F10.

Id really appreciate any help.

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