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Re-Arrange Excel Cells(cut and paste) HELP

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Looking for a bit of help.

I have an excel file that I need to re-arrange so they are one liners.

The file is like so:

1312822 2-13-13 2-13-16 CANINE S/64.5 8824 Johnson, Aaron 713 999 9999

Abbey Jodi Long, DVM border collie black and white 3 yr 88488 Cliff st Houston, tx 77026

seruak:2873287 expires 1/2/14 virus type kil mfg: Merial administered sq

The file has lots of records listed like so on 3 lines. I just need something to make it one line. The excel file will be open ready to go...

Just need to select second line cell A through K, cut and past in M on first line then select next line A-K, cut and past on first line in X

then there is one blank row.

Then it needs to do the same thing over until the end. Basically their is a grouping of three lines that need to go into one line.

Very new to Auto IT

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Does the first record begin in Cell A1?

Do all of the records begin in Column A?

Are the records consistent (take up the same number of columns)?

Also, are you doing anything else with the data (using other applications)?

If you're just working in excel, you could write and run an Excel macro.

For excel macros, try: http://www.ozgrid.com/forum/forumdisplay.php?f=8

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