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Want to put text on clipboard

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I have a script that is in another language and in that script I want it to open a small application that will simply read a text file and put the contents on the clipboard . so I hit ctrl+v and there is the text.

Seems like something that has probably been done before a million times . so someone should have this right ?

Meantime I'll keep searching .

thx :whistle:


hehe . im half there !!

ClipPut ( "value" )

n it works !! yay !!

now i gotta get the text from the file.

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Thx larry I got it.

$file = FileOpen("CopyXfer.txt", 0)
If $file = -1 Then
    MsgBox(0, "Error", "This application is only for the bot to use. It simply copies text so you can paste it.")
$line = FileReadLine($file)
ClipPut ( $line )

this program rocks !!!

Stupid vbs makes you do all kinds of wacky things to get around it's limitations . you can't put stuff on clipboards with vbs . but this application can and vbs can write to file and hit an exe

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