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Systray icon pause

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I am displaying a tray tip letting the users know a process is running.  Is there a way to disable the pause option when the users click the icon in the system tray it doesn't pause the script?


From HelpFile:


Script pauses when click on tray icon.

0 = no pause

1 = pause (default). If there is no DefaultMenu no pause will occurs.


Extend the behaviour of the script tray icon/menu. This can be done with a combination (adding) of the following values.

0 = default menu items (Script Paused/Exit) are appended to the usercreated menu; usercreated checked items will automatically unchecked; if you double click the tray icon then the controlid is returned which has the "Default"-style (default).

1 = no default menu

2 = usercreated checked items will not automatically unchecked if you click it

4 = don't return the menuitemID which has the "default"-style in the main contextmenu if you double click the tray icon

Opt("TrayMenuMode",1); no default menu (Paused/Exit)
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