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hello all,

first, apologies: this is not an AutoIt-specific question. but I could not find ANY reference to the issue on MSDN or anywhere else, and I think that if any tool can suggest a solution, it's probably AutoIt.

so the issue is this: my compiled script is running as another account, with /netonly condition (RunAs logon_flag = 2 or 6). to sum-up, it means that access to local resources use the original user credentials, while access to network resources use the RunAs credentials.

now, when this script runs an external command, then that command inherits this condition.

I want to make the script run an external command, but force the external command back to the condition before the RunAs, so it will use the original user credentials for both local and network resources.

naturally, the compiled script does not know the credentials of the user running it, otherwise another RunAs will solve the issue.

any comments or leads are welcome. thanks,


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