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Gui Menu (not on top), ListView with separators, Listview editable, Colapse window section

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Hi here :D

I have a bunch of questions, some of them probably are easy stuff, someother maybe not :)

About GUI Menu not on top of a window, how do I create a menu like this (window from explorer of windows 7):

Posted Image

And if I'm not asking to much, how do you listen buttons interattions? is really need a while>switch msg>case $n for $n menu items?

And how do I create a listview like the one below, with that separators (its good for a configuration tab, and don't requeries much Koda Designer work, and easy to understand :) )?

Posted Image

ListView Editable, I already tried with style $LVS_EDITLABELS, it works for the first column, but I want to edit other columns and add a button, to save or cancel the edit

For Colapse window section is like a spoiler button (from web terms), to show advanced functions, my problem is, not how to resize when a button is clicked, but how do I fade the resizing (to look less rough) (probably this is not possible in autoit :( )

Sorry for asking a lot of questions, if by some reason I'm not allowed to ask various questions in one topic, please tell me it bellow (or from PM) and I create a topic for each's one

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Heroes, there is no such thing

One day I'll discover what IE.au3 has of special for so many users using it.
C'mon there'sĀ InetReadĀ and WinHTTP, way better

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