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Automaticaly click button

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Hello guys, first i want to say i'm new in autoit scripting and sorry if my problem may be rude

I want to automaticaly click a button on a window when the window appears.

The window info is pasted below:

>>>> Window <<<<

Title: Total Commander

Class: TExtMsgForm

Position: 681, 428

Size: 444, 123

Style: 0x96C80000

ExStyle: 0x00000101

Handle: 0x001101AA

>>>> Control <<<<

Class: TButton

Instance: 3

ClassnameNN: TButton3


Advanced (Class): [CLASS:TButton; INSTANCE:3]

ID: 1114728

Text: &Skip

Position: 10, 67

Size: 136, 23

ControlClick Coords: 82, 13

Style: 0x54010000

ExStyle: 0x00000000

Handle: 0x00110268

>>>> Mouse <<<<

Position: 776, 533

Cursor ID: 0

Color: 0xDADADA

>>>> StatusBar <<<<

>>>> ToolsBar <<<<

>>>> Visible Text <<<<




>>>> Hidden Text <<<<

This is what i wrote in the .au3 file:


ControlClick("[CLASS:TExtMsgForm]" , "" , "[CLASS:TButton ; INSTANCE:3]")

It seems that the window is detected because the script closes after window appears but no button is pressed

Also i want to run the script until i will press a key combination such alt+ctrl+x an not to close himself after detecting the window.

I must say that i run the script by double clicking the .au3 file and not by compiling the .au3 to exe and than running the exe , i don't know if this could be a problem.

Thanks in advance

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It sounds like you dont have a loop setup. I cant tell because I dont see your code. Your program will close after it has done something unless you tell the program to loop. This is a very common thing and it looks like this:

While 1

do something


I use the home key to end my program or I use the pause key to just pause the script. At the top of the script i put:

HotKeySet("{PAUSE}", "TogglePause")
HotKeySet("{HOME}", "Terminate")
$Paused = $Paused

and at the bottom (or anywhere) I put:

Func TogglePause()
    $Paused = NOT $Paused
    While $Paused
        ToolTip('Script is "Paused"',0,0)

Func Terminate()
    Exit 0

If I hit home it closes the program and if I hit pause then the script pauses.

Get Scite to add a popup when you use a 3rd party UDF -> http://www.autoitscript.com/autoit3/scite/docs/SciTE4AutoIt3/user-calltip-manager.html

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Thanks computergroove , but the ControlClick command still doesn't do anything, i expected to execute the &Skip button but it doesn't

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I don't know enough to be sure, because I only looked at the ControlClick help file and the Au3Info tool for about 2 minutes.

Buuut, it looks like you're using the "Advanced Mode" value where the Control ID should be, have you tried using the ID instead of [CLASS:TButton ; INSTANCE:3]?

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